Monday, 19 January 2015

Today, Come Back To Reality

photo credit : 'castle on the ground' by nisha

I have been away.

You may not have noticed, but I did.  I was so away, that I did not find the time or the motivation to update this simple blog with a simple message.

Today, I am back, and as soon as I landed in Chandigarh, not just the cold air, but reality hit me too.

It becomes so easy to lose oneself in the middle of a break.  Maybe breaks are meant to be taken for that purpose.

I dont even need to travel for breaks.  Sometimes, it will be a whole day spent reading or watching shows on tv, sometimes, it is in the middle of a meeting, when I have just for a few seconds left the room in my mind.  But every time, every time, I come back to reality, even when I dont want to, I have to.

This time, I wanted to and I am choosing to.  Reality can be made amazing to and Today, I chose to love it, I chose to live it.

Today, come back to reality!

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