Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Today, Tell Yourself You Are Wrong

photo credit : watsapp group message

I am right, a lot, and most often, I wish I was wrong.

Let me explain.  Lets say I start wondering if something is wrong in a particular situation, person, material, thought, relationship etc.  I then start looking at signs that tell me I am right.  If the signs dont turn up easily, I start digging and sometimes even imagining how I will definitely find them.

All I had to do was to tell myself that the particular thing was not wrong but me.  All that heart ache could have been avoided.

I am not saying, be blind to an obvious wrong, not at all.  Do not ignore something that walks up to you and shows itself, but dont go looking, hunting, digging.  It is not worth the dirt.

Today, tell yourself you are wrong.

You are wrong when you think someone does not love you enough.
You are wrong when you think a team member does not work enough.
You are wrong when you think a product you just bought in a discount must have a defect.

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