Saturday, 31 January 2015

Today, Get Something (the one thing you have been putting off) Done!

I got my Aadhar Card done today.

If you haven't, then I suggest you do too.  Not that it is a herculean task, its just that, its been pending on my plate for over a year.

Yes, thats right, one whole year, maybe more, but who's counting :)

So, my mom (yes, I still live with my mother), has been after my life to get it done, and me being me, have been putting it off.

Well, no longer!

I am finally enrolled.

Its not the Aadhar card that is making me smile, its the feeling of getting something that I have been procrastinating for so long done!

Today, pick that one thing, that one small/big/gigantic irritator of a thing and just do it.

Nike it.

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