Friday, 30 January 2015

Today, Admire A Quality

I am in awe of anybody who can do the right thing, irrespective of their personal mood.

I admire these people.  People who constantly have their true north to guide them and it does not let them deviate for their path nor does it let them fall to the level of us lesser mortals, ruled by feelings/insecurities/hurt/anger.

Today, admire a quality, not an individual per se.

It shouldn't matter who that person is, whether you like him/her, whether they have achieved something that society holds praise-worthy.  What should matter is that they have a quality that you admire and maybe desire.

Personally, I am admire the ability to follow one's true north, irrespective of whatever is going on around you.  That is the quality I want to emulate.

What will you admire today?

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