Monday, 5 January 2015

Today Wish Someone Good Luck

I love getting wished.  In fact I like it so much that I ask people in my life to wish me good luck all the time.  I am shameless about stuff I like, I always tell.

But there are many who dont tell and still would love to be wished goodluck.

this is for them.

Today, wish someone good luck.  Not for any particular reason, not because your happiness hinges on their success, not because it is a social custom, not because you are expected to, do it, just coz it might bring someone good fortune.

And for people like me who might have asked you to wish them good luck whenever they venture out on an undertaking, please call them as soon as you read this.

p.s. Please dont do this for any good karma - like if you wish someone then the universe will give you a thousand wishes.  Nope, that may not happen.  Still, do it.

p.p.s - If you can do it to and for strangers, that would be just amazing!

And hey, Wish you, yes you, a fabulously great day and loads of luck!

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