Sunday, 4 January 2015

Today, Read The Book, Not Just The Cover

This post is deep, but that you will realize at the end of it.  Read the full thing.

I thought the book, Shikhandi and Other Tales..(cover featured above) is a children's book.
I was soooo wrong!

I bought the book in a sale online and along with Grandma's Tales, Old Folk Lore, etc etc, I put this book in the pile I would gift my 10 year old daughter.  Yes, I have one of my own, dont look surprised!

Then, one day, the Chandigarh administration decided I did not need electricity all day.  I fished out this book, telling myself I will read it and pass it on.

I read it.  It is so inappropriate for a 10 year old girl. Wait, it is inappropriate for any child!

I know you want to know what it is about, you should read the book, but I will tell you: its about same sex relationships and the references thereof in mythology.  I can see you shaking your head. OMG, Prabhjot, you thought it was a children's book!  Yes I did, please see the cover again.

While the stories were fun to read and the references an eye/mind/can of worms opener, I assure you, it is a book for mature adults, not even all adults!

Hence this post.

Today, read the book, not just the cover.

Why is this deep?  Think about this concept on a many levels: people, ideas, thoughts, critique, opinion, desires, fears, faults, and even dreams.

What lies within will astonish you.

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