Saturday, 24 January 2015

Today, Be Dependable By Being Punctual

You are going get these tips everyday at a particular time.  I just realised not everyone's day starts when mine does!

That got me thinking about punctuality and dependability.  We all like to work with people who we can depend upon, but it is not a quality we can judge merely by talking to someone.  It is one of those qualities that is a trait and needs to be demonstrated for others to take it seriously or bank on it.

How do demonstrate dependability?  Well, the short answer is by saying what you will do, when and then doing it, as you had said you would.

But punctuality can be a calling card to demonstrate this trait.  Start a meeting on time a few times and you will gather a reputation; arrive for a meeting on time a couple of times and you will see the perception forming.

I am going to send out these tips every morning at 8 am.

What are you going to do today to let everyone know you are dependable?

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