Sunday, 25 January 2015

"I was fired" | Today, Find Fault With Yourself

I was fired today.  My first consulting assignment from which we were booted out.  Hence the image. I really found the image funny.

My first reaction was, I knew this was going to happen.  The client was wrong for us to begin with.  Our culture, our way of working, approaching the assignment was completely at odds with who they were, are.  But you know how it is, you are excited about a new opportunity, to refuse to see the obvious signs, you feel that is why they brought us in, to change all that etc etc.  Well, they thought they wanted to change, maybe they do, but they are not ready for it.

That was my first reaction.

My second one, though was completely different. ( I had a one&half reaction also, but that is more funny that learny, and if you are interested, you can call me +919872000604 and I will share it with you )

My second reaction was to ask myself what I could have done to ensure the two possible outcomes:
1. We say no to the assignment
2. We make it happen

Its not that we (eclat hospitality) have not said no in the past, we have.  Sometimes for price, sometimes for people, sometimes for what was required of us, but we dont really have a system in place to assess incoming assignments.  The process is me and that is too subjective.

So, I will work on that.  Create a questionnaire maybe that anyone in my team can run to assess and determine whether we are suited for the assignment/gig.

And if I really wanted to make it happen, what would I have done?  That I am afraid is too long to answer here and now, but I will.

So, here is the tip of the day - Find Fault With Yourself. 

It is too easy to blame everyone else.  Do the difficult bit, that and that alone will make you stronger. 

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