Friday, 1 July 2011

July is all about YOU!

That's right, 'I' is back!

God its been ages. The last post was in March.  that was 3 months ago! Anyway, July is here and with that the daily tips are here too.  Everyday, one.  So what to expect this July?  I, Me, Myself.

We speak about the individual, and very many ways to make yourself happy.  We speak about personal success and of finding the one, the true one within.

What is today's?

Today, Decide, know its all about YOU!

The entire cosmos, everything, every being - living, dead, here, still to come, everything that has ever happened has happened to make sure YOU become you.  That is important.

Its all about YOUImagine the sheer scope of things that had to happen for you to be here, for you to just BE.  First of all, the Big Bang had to happen, then the earth had to cool just right, so that water could happen, then millions of species had to evolve, of all the people in the world your parents had to meet, from all the competition you had to get to the egg first and dont even get me started on the spiritual aspect of your soul!

To me that is proof as good as any, that everything had to happen just right, for YOU to happen and it did!  That must make me and YOU so, so special.

So, all of July, we, YOU & I, will celebrate that specialness, that uniqueness, the X factor that makes us who we are, SUPER BEINGS!

Much Awesomeness! 

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