Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Visit a Competitor!


To know who & what you competing with!

Visit the competitor.

If you can sample the services, brilliant, but even if you cant, see/observe what they are upto.

Observe the cleanliness, observe the guests, observe the staff/employees, their body language, their mannerisms, observe the marketing material, observe the process.

Now make notes.

Write down three things you liked about them.

I know, you are more likely to find faults, but at this moment, I want you to focus on what they are doing right. That is where you can learn & improve.

So, today Visit a Competitor!


  1. yes rightly said,we usually dont bother about the right things the others do but we are always ready to tick down them even on little mistakes.
    this small phrase is really gonna help me to create a peaceful environment in my working place.

  2. Dear Archana,

    Thank you for sharing that!

    I am so glad you've decided to implement some of this.


    Prabhjot Bedi
    The Coach